Farmers feed the City

It was a gorgeous late summer night to be out at the Evergreen Brickworks for "Farmers feed the city. IT was a night curated by Food Network chef and Belong Catering owner, Brad Long featuring the wines of Southbrook Vineyards and Beers from Muskoka Breweries.

The night was about highlighting Farmers and the freshness of their foods.
As the sun was setting in this great industrial space, we mixed and mingles over great wine selects and beers and walked around to try little treats at food stations.
One of the show stoppers for me was the harvest table in the middle displaying a variety of colourful garden vegetables like carrots with their stocks on them, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, radishes, cauliflower and broccoli, each presented in flower pots.  What you would do is grab your selected vegetable,  dip it in one of the 3 house made dips and there would be a big flower pot filled with what looked like dirt but it was shredded pumpernickel and you would roll your veg in it.   It was brilliant and the presentation and effect made it look that everything came from the earth!
Around the room were local delicacies like corn on the cob with lime chilli;  mini pulled pork sandwiches on little house made butter milk biscuits which i loved;  there were mini chicken tostadas to die for and also a yummy and healthy bean salad.
Another highlight was meeting and hear Lynn Orgyzlo on how Ontario is a bit of a hidden treasure.   "My Ontario is continuously exciting, always new and forever a tasty adventure".  I bought her cookbook - "The Ontario Table" which features amazing collections of grower stories, recipes and local culinary destinations and I can't wait to eat my way through it!
The dessert was an decadent selection of local cheeses, honeycomb (amazing!) and candied nuts and jams.

What a brilliant night and a big thanks to Andrea Anders for the invite and putting the entire event together!

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