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There have been a ton of reviews on this place and it was one of the top spots that i've been waiting to try for a while, always looking for the perfect occasion or date to go but as times became busy, there never was the right opportunity.  As my dear friend Merissa said she was coming for a short visit to Toronto from Jordan, I thought ah ha, she is my excuse to go to this hip resto.

I love when I can get reservations easily online on Open Table however there seemed to be limited availability on ideal dining times, either very early around 6:15 or very late pass 9pm.  Since it was a week night and we are working ladies, we opted for the earlier option.
The only problem for me was that I was pulled into a last minute late meeting and I ended up showing up to the restaurant around 7 (about 45 mins late... it's almost impossible for me to make early nights downtown with the commute from work in Mississauga.  )  We ended up with seats in the patio area which is lovely and bustling.

My girlfriends were waiting patiently though they had indulged in some of the tapas already including the spanish fries which were a messy poutine like dish with chorizo and manchego cheese.  They left me a few bites and I felt like i inhaled it.  They also recommended that I try the tuna hand roll which was outstanding and a great presentation.

What I didn't know about this restaurant was that it was a mozzarella bar... LOVE!  We tried the fior di latte, a soft and creamy type of mozzarella made from cow's milk.  The heaping puffs of fior di latte came on crostini drizzled with truffle oil and mushrooms.  It was so good.  I would've ordered more mozza but felt like we needed to try other things on the menu.
The devilled eggs are a huge must have and were excellent and came with a panchetta chip on top.  There is added texture to these eggs to make them even more sophisticated with little miniature cereal balls called souffletine, I couldn't get enough of them.
Loved the taste as well as the presentation.
Our mains included the miso broth cod fish which is my personal favourite in any restaurant I go to, it was served with soba noodles and chinese vegetables which was a bonus and I made sure to lap up the broth.  Soupy noodles is one of my very favourite comfort foods.
We also ordered the duck chinois, which is a play on peking duck.  I was less than impressed as the duck was a little on the tough side.  The scallops were our final main and they came topped with big pearls of florescent orange caviar.  The caviar was fishy which made the entire dish fishy and not appetizing.  All in all, I would stick to more tapas and less of the mains

The dessert we had was the molten hot chocolate cake that was paired with very cold soft serve ice cream.  Be prepared to wait 10 minutes for them to prepare the dessert for you which is worth it!
**** stars

107 King St. East (At Church)www.origintoronto.com

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