Kings Noodles

This Chinatown staple has been buzz worthy for generations and continues to be busy with Canadians and Chinese folks lining up at all hours of the day as it's one of the only places on the Spadina strip to be deemed as authentic Hong Kong style "jok fun mein" (congee rice noodle) restaurant.

In the windows hang the BBQ meats that have been cured and made fresh for the day and there's just a crowd to just take out meals in front.  On the righthand side, you see the chefs working hard to make home made fried dough sticks and working the noodle counter and you just gather around this chaos and wait until they seat you

The menu here is huge as they offer a huge selection of dishes, but all revolve around the same concept: meat, seafood, or vegetables on rice or noodles. Or, even better: meat, seafood, or vegetables in a soup filled with noodles. for a very reasonable price, this is why I get so upset about paying $$ for Chinese meals when I know that they shouldn't be as expensive.
We get duck and rice combo which is the staple for my cousin and his gf and of course while we're there, we need to get a combination noodle soup, including duck, pork and bbq pork (cha siu) the cuts of meat are so fresh that they are fantastic and the broth isn't very oily and noodles are great.
We also get my very favourite comfort food, the salty pork preserved duck egg congee which always makes me a happy camper and fried dough sticks which are served piping hot and delicious on their own or when you dunk them in the congee.
We also order fried rice and choy (Chinese broccoli) and I was tempted to keep ordering but even the server stopped us.  I am desperate to come back and try their house made wontons in soup next time!
Everything was great and one additional bonus is that the restaurant is very clean and so are the bathrooms.
A huge recommend in the Chinatown strip!
Kings Noodles
**** stars

296 Spadina Ave
Neighbourhoods: Chinatown, Downtown Core, Kensington Market

(416) 598-1817

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