Stripsteak - Vegas Chronicles continues

Michael Mina's Stripsteak in the Mandalay Bay was voted Esquire Magazine's #1 Steakhouse in the USA and off course when I heard we had reservations there, my goal was to see if the voters of Esquire knew what they were talking about!!  Located in the conference center side of the Manadalay, it's definitely a few steps up from the regular steakhouse with a wood burning grill and high ceilings to create more light and airiness.

Once settled, the server brought us  crispy french fries which you can smell the gaminess to it because they are fried in vegetable oil and duck fat accompanied with truffle aioli.  This is one of their  "Signature" dishes all compliments of the chef.  Are they trying to win my heart over right then and there because man, these fries were de-lish-ious!!  Even those who aren't used to the taste of duck loved the fries; and such a lovely way to begin a meal especially when you're starving.  Big kudos to Stripsteak on this one. Another honorable mention will go with their blue cheese stuffed olives - I have never had these but at my servers recommendation; he dressed my vodka martini with these salty accoutrements and they were so outstanding that I asked for an additional plate of just the olives for myself!
For Mains-
Of course, I needed to try the steak that was awarded the title of 'best steak in America' - this was the 18 oz. Dry-Aged Bone-In Rib Eye. Because of all the marbling, they ask that they cook it medium rare for you and not any rarer than that or else it would be a bit too tough and I am happy that they were able to recommend this as it was again fantastic!  The plate came out only with the steak, no fancy veggies nor sauces - basic pure steak the way it was intended to be eaten.
For our side dishes - we ordered the Truffled Mac and Cheese.  My co-worker Breanne who had never tried this asked innocently if there were going to be shavings of trufflled chocolates on the mac and cheese and for me it was the comment of the evening.  We explained that this truffle was not chocolate but a very pricy mushroom shaved into the dish and it was really good.  For those not used to the flavour, it's a bit pungent and overpowering but I just love the strength of the flavour and smell of truffles.  One of the major highlights of dinner was the trio of mashed potatoes.  It was soooo good that I could've lapped up every bit of it and not shared any with the table.  The potato was so smooth and velvety and it featured sour cream and onion, lobster and horseradish.  The best out of the three was the sour cream and onion but all were so delicious.
It's definitely a place I would go to again!
Thanks to Michael and the gang for an incredible evening of food and conversation!
**** stars
Stripsteak At the Mandalay
3950 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 632-7414

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