Finally a place to dine in Mississauga - Culninaria

Culninaria is a true gem found in a sea of manufacturers, warehouses, strip malls and chain restaurants.  Since I started working in Mississauga, i"ve been searching far and wide for any restaurants that weren't the typical Milestones or Kelseys that you would see everywhere so when my colleague suggested this place (Thanks Adam!) I was truly pleased to hear about it.  It's set in a historical home, formerly the Elliot House with a culninary school attached to it.  The chef school doesn't serve or cook in Culninaria and they are separate entities unless you come during their promotional season where they offer a discounted menu and students try their hand at cooking and serving you. 

I have tried lunch and dinner here and they truly do not disappoint.  The menu has a variety of seafood, steaks and in betweens such as pastas, salads and chicken. 
The food is perfectly presented and cooked excellently.

My recommendations for an appetizer is the grilled calamari.  It was lightly dressed in a vinaigrette and perfected cooked.  The texture wasn't too rubbery and it was simply delicious. 

The fish they do is cooked lightly and melts in your mouth.  I had the halibut as an appetizer portion and it was really good. 

Their steak dinners are huge in proportion and done to your liking always served on a bed of veggies or sides.    I had this filet and it was de-lish-ious.  It came rare as I always like my steak served and seasoned very well.

This has become my one go to spot for nice lunches or client dinners. It is reasonably priced for the food  but it's for those fancier times of day and not an everyday excursion.  It's really nice to have this option out in the boonies.

**** stars

5732 Kennedy Road , Mississauga , ON
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  1. Great place. I think you would like to have a limousine to visit there. If yes then just link to us for more details.

  2. Truly, they must have known that you are a critic. I've been there once and will never go back. Cold food, unfriendly staff, very bad ambiance. WORST experience ever. Will not go back there again.