Queen Margherita Pizza

On the heels of my Italy trip, my sis and I decide to try the new Leslieville pizza resto that has been the new talk of Toronto. And... as Dean Martin's famous lyrics go "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's Amore... The casual but comfortable exposed brick building is quite welcoming and the fact that they take reservations, one up's a restaurant in the West end famed for their pizza as well.

We actually didn't think to make reservations on a Tuesday night and needed to wait in the bar for about half an hour. But we were happy with our glasses of prosecco and catching up as the restaurant was buzzing with energy and filled with hungry pizza goers.
We think it was worth the wait- our server Mauricio, was full of gusto and passion as he regaled us with funny stories, italian nuances and showered us with compliments. He made up a story about a guy sitting next to us that looked like Sawyer from "Lost" and told us he was an Italian soap opera star and of course, led us to make conversation with our neighbors only to have Mauricio confess that he made the entire thing up because us, ladies, want to live the fantasy and passion. Ahaha! It was entertaining to say the least. Mauricio also stated that he couldn't date a picky eater because to him, and I agree, it shows a lack of taste for life and he alluded a lackluster sex drive as well.We both chose the prix fixed which was our choice of a starter (a caesar salad, or a prosciutto with orange slices, shaved parmasean on greens and choice of pizza and then dessert for $25.)
We absolutely had to try the restaurant's namesake pizza margherita and a quattro fromaggio pizza. For those who don't know, Napoli (Naples) is acknowledged as the birth place of pizza and the reason Margherita pizza came to be was for a queen.  In the 1800s, Queen Margherita came to visit Naples and the pizza maker wanted to do something extra special for the queen and made her a thin crusted pizza with tomatoes, cheese and basil because they matched the colors of the Italian flag ( red, white and green).The thin crust on our pizzas were delicioso, and came pre-sliced (a bit of a surprise), and came out not too crunchy which is truly the authentic italian style. The portion was good for an entree; we had 4 hearty slices to eat through.  We were told that a pizza slice should have a sag factor and not stick out like cardboard when held out. The pizza should also resemble a leopard as pockets should be burnt and others should be golden as the pizza oven is extremely hot!! Over 800 F (450 C) , led by pizza maker Romolo Salvati, makes pizzas in 60-90 seconds in this oven. We finished most of our 2 pizzas and our desserts were grilled bananas served with vanilla ice cream in a cup.  We also met the charming co-owner Rocco who offered us an extra glass of procecco.   What a wonderful way to finish the evening..."'xcusa me, can't you see, back in old Napoli, that's amore!"

**** stars

Queen Margherita's Pizza
1402 Queen St. E., Toronto (Greenwood and Coxwell)

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