La dulce far niente - Sicilia impressions

The Spectacular view of the sea and the mountains
Taormenia stunning views
the view in front of me every day


Alas I am back in the homeland from my whirlwind travel across 3 countries and 2 continents.  It was the experience of my life and a dream come true but now snapping myself slowly back to reality.  I will be reporting my impressions and thoughts of each destination while tying it into the tastes of my recent local culninary adventures so we start with my adventures in Sicilia.  Sicily is the island located where the Italian boot ends and seems like it's kicking it.  It's a city where the sea meets the mountains and even an active volcano - Mount Etna.  Sicilia appropriately named the 'island of the sun' was exactly this - the weather was hot and summer-like over a blue skies.  Now onto the cuisine - Sicily is reknown for it's fresh fruitti del mare and that's exactly what we had at almost every meal there.  Sashimi grade, crudo, baked, grilled or fried- we had fish, octopus, calamari, clams ala pasta vongole, oysters, mussels and shrimp.  When it was baked it was usually served with a tomato base and olives.  We also had a lot of eggplant - grilled or as an appetizer with olives and there was definitely amazing vinos to try.  Being near volcanic rock has made the wines of Sicily unique and thus we needed to indulge in a lot of different bottles.
Of course we had pasta and the best one was a homemade dish of simple tomato sauce on spaghetti with grilled red snapper on top.  It was delicioso and compliments to the chef Andreas for making such a feast for us which included a caprese salad appetizer, fruitti del mare salad, the delicious pasta, grilled fish afterwards and of course grappa and gelati to finish with.  One of the most memorable dinners was our first night where we had about 7 courses of gourmet fruitti del mare done right with gorgeous presentation and the venue overlooked the water with the lights of the evening under the stars.  We were spoiled truly.
All in all, what an incredible 5 days to spend in a beautiful place full of sites, passion and of course great food.

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