Sheeba Ethiopian

Craving another Ethiopian dinner- Matt and I decided to try a popular College and Bathurst restaurant. We ordered the meat and vegetable platter that is served with spongy injera bread that you use instead of utensils and ordered the famed Ethopian coffee in advance as it takes half an hour to prep it.
The food was very typical Ethiopian fare- served on a spongy injera pancake, were the colourful portions of  green chick peas, red lentils, or yellow split peas, spicy kifta and cubes of juicy tibs and all was delicious!  We definitely finished our platter and Matt decided to order another platter against my will as I knew we ate a lot of food and the injera expands in your stomach.  Despite my protests, we ordered it and we finished it and we were beyond full.

The best part of the experience was the coffee ceremony.  The waitress started by bringing out the roasted beans for us to sniff and smell.  Then she brought out candles and frankenscence to help with the aromas and some popcorn to snack on which for your information we hardly touched- we were too stuffed!  Then she brings out two small coffee cups and the clay coffee pot.  The coffee was strong and very velvety.  If you ever get to this place, ensure you order the coffee in advance. 
*** 1/2 stars
Sheeba 418 College Street (College and Bathurst)

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