the Miracle berry!

I have been fascinated by this berry or fruit since I read up on it .... this is a berry that you roll around and dissolve on your tongue and turns everything sour into sweet. It's a complete mind f*ck and totally cool!

The berry which originates in Africa, has an active ingredient called "Miraculan" which coats the tongue and blocks out the sensations of sour, bitterness and acidic flavours.
I had the pleasure of doing a lunch tasting with the miracle berry all thanks to my adventurous co-worker Zenon who ordered the product in a freeze dried form from the US as it's not available regularly in Canada however thanks to the comment from Johnny Smith below - there is a company that ships from Canada YAY!
He put together a platter of sour delights including lemons, limes, granny smith apples, grapefruits sour skittles and sour gummy bears.
The first thing I tried was the lemon which in my head was sour and I couldn't wait to scrunch my face up when tasting it and it was unbelievable as it tasted like juicy sweet lemonade that was very refreshing. The next one was lime- which was fresh and sweet and cool. Then the grapefruit - which aren't always sour - they were amazing- so sweet, and perfectly juicy. The sour skittles just tasted like regular skittles and the sour gummies - like regular gummies with sugar on them. The best was seeing other co-workers reactions - they were completely stunned.
We all just used half a berry so the sensation lasted less than half an hour for us but it was so much fun that I am anxious to have more miracle berry parties.
The one thing was - my stomach was very upset after having all those acidic foods and tums or rollaids should always be on hand when trying this.

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  1. Miracle Fruit Tablets are available in Canada and legal too. I bought mine from www.MiracleFruitExpress.com and they ship from Canada so you get them way faster instead of waiting 2 weeks. I love lemons with miracle fruit and you're right. Total mind F*ck when you try it the first time.

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  3. It completely blows me away when grapefruits can taste like candy. Trés bien!