Bravo to Bravi..

My first thoughts when I was asked out to dinner at Bravi was, oh no- I'm going to an overpriced, stuffy restaurant full of corporate suits however as I walked in the restaurant, I was delighted to discover the exposed brick walls that gave the restaurant a casualness and felt at ease right away. Although there were lots of suits, the open spaces, bar area in the front as well as the 2 private dining areas made the restaurant feel trendy, comfortable and easy going. And wow, there's an elevator shaft that you can book for a dinner for 2 people where once they take your order, they send you up the shaft where you can dine in total privacy- talk about romance!

The service and our waiter was impeccable- he would wait until we finished our conversations to interrupt and always filled our glasses of water in just enough time and was an expert at suggesting dishes as well as wine!
Anyway my friend Derek and I share the appetizer of tuna carpaccio to start which the restaurant had split on 2 plates to make it easier to share. The tuna was very fresh and perfectly done and paired well with the pepperiness of the argula.
I had the osso bucco of lamb- which fell off the bone like stew meat and had a winey flavour. It was done well but it wasn't my favourite meal. Derek had the rib eye steak which he ordered rare which was done in a cast iron pan. The steak was perfectly seasoned however was done to medium rare but still was tender and juicy and I actually enjoyed his meal more than mine- may have stolen more bites that I should have.
The portions of the meal were big enough to fill our bellies so we opted for no dessert.
Although the restaurant is a wide open space, I felt like it was really intimate as the service was amazing and even though it was a busy restaurant, they were so accommodating our every need that it was a good time!
I will definitely be back to try their pasta dishes as I saw the gnocchi and a pasta with ostrich in it.
*** stars
Bravi 40 Wellington Street East (Church and Wellington)

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