the BEST Italian sandwiches!!

In my humble opinion- the best and sloppiest Italian Veal sandwiches are from California Sandwiches. My co-workers have witnessed me in complete disbelief gobbling the ENTIRE sandwich up in no time while they are just done half the sandwich!
I have been ordering these mammoth sized sandwiches from here for almost 8 years for lunch, dinner, as a late night snack, smuggling them into baseball games, movies .. you get the idea!

They are made to order- You have the choice of sweet (no peppers), medium or hot sandwich. My order would be a medium veal sandwich with hot peppers - the spice of the peppers make me sweat a bit but the breaded veal with the perfectly blended tomato sauce spread over the veal - works very well and they are so tasty.
My tip is that I always order ahead as it may take up to 10 mins for your order to be ready. Oh and make sure you grab napkins as they are MESSY!
Their home made spiced olives are a great side dish for an additional $1.
California Sandwiches is a family owned business and have expanded to eight locations serving hungry Torontoians in the know! You can always rely that things are fresh as there's a butcher onsite, the kaiser buns are made fresh everyday and their tomato sauce is a family secret that they will never share is also made daily.
Anyone up for a veal sandwich?? I can always go for one!
**** stars
California Sandwiches -244 Claremont Street (Dundas West)
Mon-Wed 10am-11PM
Thurs-Sat 10am-11:30PM

Closed Sunday
Prices for Sandwiches $6.95-$8.50
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  1. You have correctly identified the second best place in the city to get italian sandwiches. The first best place is in the basement of the St. Lawrence market. I don't know the name of it, but if you've been there, you know exactly what I'm talking about.