Liberty Village's Carole's Cheesecake

So my co-workers and I had been highly anticipating all these new restaurants opening up near our work including the franchise Carole's Cheesecake. We walked by as the construction was nearing it's end and peaked in the windows to see the lunch specials and one day we noticed that it was finally open to the public!

We were also pleased that there was a rooftop patio so what better on a gorgeous Friday then to celebrate the weather than to get a prime spot up there to people watch those walking by. As we made our way up the steep steps, all huffing out of breath from the hefty stair climb, we settled ourselves in the table near a patio umbrella. The patio had loungers and small tables so we put 2 small tables and bar stools and loungers together to make a little area for the 5 of us. When we opened the patio umbrella, it started flapping violently in the wind and we spent most of the lunch dodging the umbrella as it threatened to whack us in the head . We even had a couple of kind individuals including the owners brother, and the owner himself try to figure out the umbrella but promptly gave us after realizing it was a lost cause.
After sitting for a long time - perhaps 15 minutes- our servers finally organized themselves to bring us menus and ask us for drinks. We take turns orders milkshakes, homemade lemonade (which was refreshing and bottomless) or water. A few things off the bat: when the milkshake was brought over - although it was delicious - they did forget that my colleague had requested for it to be put in a takeout container. I also had to request for a refill for my 'bottomless' lemonade which was a bit annoying.
After another few minutes in the beating sun, we get the specials and have the opportunity to order. Caroles had 3 homemade vegetarian soup specials- the Hungarian dumpling soup, the minestrone and a cabbage soup. They soups a low fat, and made with no cream. Although it was a hot and sunny day, I decided to try the hearty Hungarian dumpling soup- which was very good. The soups also came with warm bread rolls but they arrived after we had already finished off most of the soup. The sandwiches all come with chips and fruit shish kabobs and there are also crepes and salads on the menu however they did forget to bring one of my other collegues her chips!
All in all our lunch took us around 2 hours and we were all stressed about getting back to work before our bosses noticed. The thing is we needed to rush out before we had a proper opportunity to look at the famous dessert and cheesecake menu which was a bit disappointing. I am sympathetic to the fact that the restaurant just opened but there a few growing pains they need to work out before I would actually go back - the service, the patio umbrellas, the portions (we were disappointed to see that the fruit kabobs and chips served with the sandwiches were sparse) and finally the fact that they only take cash and no plastic.
I think the owners took pity as we did get complimentary dessert in takeaway boxes- either carrot cake or NY cheesecake which were delicious!

Carole's Café & Kitchen- 109 Atlantic Ave
** (out of 5)

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  1. oh man, they gave u all complementary cheesecake and u still rated them 2 stars?!!! bwahahaha, that's harsh :)