Wegs- the ULTIMATE sports bar in the middle of nowhere!

So after a gruelling training session up in Thornhill with my Dragonboat team, we were starving and were promised some good eats at Wegs... so off we went without so much as a second thought! We kept driving and driving until we were almost at Canada's Wonderland!!! I had no IDEA it was going to be such a far drive to satisfy our hunger!
Wegs is the ultimate guys' dream with comfortable chairs and gigantic TV screens with different sports on, arcade games, golf, fooz ball, pool and you could even bet on some horses at Woodbine!
The food was your average sports bar food- pizza, wings, burgers and nachos! Below are some pictures of what my team mates had including the Southwest burger with fried onions and Chipotle sauce and the Ribs with a side of Mac N Cheese. Both these dishes were delicous according to my team mates and they seemed quite happy with their choices.
I was just happy to eat but I doubt I would make the trek up there again!
One note- if you ask for a soft drink refill - you will be charged for another soft drink.
ALSO ladies be warned - if you are coming here with your boyfriend on a big game night, you may end up talking to yourself as the guys will have their eyes glued to one thing... the GIANT tube!
Wegs Stadium Bar Up in Woodbridge near Wonderland
** stars (out of 5)

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