Red Lobster- For the Cheese Bisquit lover in you!

I know what you're thinking.. What an unlikely restaurant experience for me to blog about and go to but since I did eat there - I thought, what the hell! I should share my thoughts about my time there.

I was there for a birthday party with 25 people and the thing is Red Lobster doesn't take reservations so we had to get to the restaurant early like old age early to ensure we could get a table. I can understand if you can't take a reservation for a party of 4 or under but for a guaranteed party of over 20 people willing to pay for dinner- that's a whole lot of people you're could turn away for business! In this economy, when people are less likely to go out to dinner- I would say it's not the brightest call on Red Lobster's part. If our friends didn't keep calling the Red Lobster to make certain they were expecting us - i feel like we would've been waiting a VERY long time. Regardless - when we got there, they were quite unfriendly and almost sent the manager to come and speak to us. However after about a 40 minute wait - they got us sorted!

Let's talk about my favourite part of Red Lobster - it's their cheese bay biscuits. My friends had told me about these delicious things but I had no concept of how amazing they were until they came to the table and the best part is that they are free. The folks seated around me had to fight me to get their seconds or thirds. I think we sounded a bit needy every time we asked the server for a refill on biscuits! I was hoarding them and at the end of the day, I think I did 3 and 1/2 ... they are so buttery and good. I wouldn't have ordered a meal and just eaten these biscuits all night.
Anyway I figured since it was my first time there - I would do the Ultimate Platter- which came with Lobster, Crab Legs, and 2 types of Shrimp. The picture made everything look so succulent and appetizing and I figured it was the best value b/c it came with a little taste of everything. Well- when my plate arrived, I was very disappointed about the portions as they are definitely different from what the images portrayed of the seafood. The lobster was tiny, my shrimps were all dinky and the crabs legs- well - they were ok. I felt a bit ripped off and misled!
However the service was quick and they all did come out to sing "Happy Birthday" to my friends and then the manager came out to personal thank us for coming - which was a very nice touch!

I did learn a few things though:
-Rock Lobster is a bigger Lobster than Maritime Lobster however the Maritime Lobster is much sweeter with more tender meat. I would recommend going with the Maritime Lobster.

-The sangria at Red Lobster is way to sweet - you should definitely skip it!
Anyway I"m glad I finally had the chance to eat here - I'm not certain I would go out of my way to get back but dinner is also about the company and if my crew wants to go, I will just eat the bisquits for my meal!
** stars ( out of 5)

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