Tomi Kro in Leslieville

So it was a bit of a hike east on Queen street but oh my gosh was it worth the trek! Tomi Kro was amazing! A bunch of us made it there on Saturday night and it was packed even though there was a blizzard outside! Okay some of my girlfriends choose the pomegranate mojitos, which were humongous and I tried another drink with some sweet greek liquor and basil and lime- not so bad but i switched to the mojito for my 2nd and 3rd drink!
Okay onto the deliciousness: This is a restaurant that I can say has some very innovative dishes and I was so excited to order and try them!

For appetizers- my Big sis and I shared 3 amazing tapa dishes:
the Lobster maki balls- Lobster maki that was deep fried on the outside - crunchy, warm and yummy! We also ordered the foie gras creme brulee- which was perfect- when you run out of crisps because you can't stop eating it - you can get more!! It's sooo good! Also we tried the beef tataki- which is rare beef that's been marinated and served cold. It comes with these crispy onions - it was done lovely. We could've stopped at 2 appetizers but we needed to sample more, it's for research!
For a main- we ordered the duck with this squash puree and sour cherry sauce- it was truly ideal! The duck was done to medium rare - and it was so succulent and the sides were just heavenly!

Tomi Kro is intimate yet kicking- has a great vibe, lively, and a fun place. The only thing is if you are looking to have a conversation without raising your voice - this may not be the place for you!
Tomi Kro- 1214 Queen Street East
Queen and Leslie
**** stars (out of 5)

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