A culinary tour through Antigua!

As some of you knew, i was lucky enough to escape the coldest week (thus far) in Toronto and go to paradise. I was staying with my friend Dave from university - his family has a spectacular property on a cliff with arguably the best views of the ocean in Antigua! I was officially in paradise!
Anyway we did a lot of cooking and ate some great fresh food. Our first night- Dave's papa made these spicy fiery wings with Franks hot sauce and then we had a simple pasta with tomatoes, basil (right out of their garden) and olive oil - simple and delicious.

One day, we grilled whole red snappers- just cutting the insides and putting olive oil inside it - perfection. They were tender and flavourful even though it was such a simple recipe. My compliments to the chef, monseiur Bledin!
We bought freshly caught lobsters and made them- which was brilliant. There was a bit of a debate between whether we should grill or boil and we ended up boiling them and making a garlic butter with fresh basil sauce. mmm!

Lobsters in Antigua don't have claws and clampers but they still whipped their tenticles and violently thrashed about!
We had the opportunity to go into town and visit the local fruit and vegetable markets where they have the most unique and fresh produce around. We made amazing and fresh guacamole every day, fruit salads, freshly squeezed juices and appetizers and salads.
3 restaurant not to miss while you're visiting:
- Roti King- in the center of town - delicious roti- island style - mild blend of spices in the curry and tender chicken. Have a Ting with it and you're golden!
-Mauros- this place is in English Bay - where all the big catamarins and yachts are and also lots of aussies hang out with.
It's an authentic italian style pizzeria with over 20 different pizzas to choose from. We had the cabrese salad of which the tomatoes and basil were grown in the owner's backyard and we all ordered a variety of delectable pizzas. I split the spzifizoa pizza- rucola (italian argula), prochutto crudo (prochutto that's put on after the pizza's been baked), mozzarella.. and the quatro staggoni - which mean the 4 seasons- comes with artichokes, prochutto, cheese and mushrooms- deliciousness! But there were so many different kinds so if you're with a big group- definitely get all different pizzas! You must also order the bruschetta pizza as an appetizer. It didn't come with any tomatoes on it which is different from the way i know bruschetta asit was just a pizza with olive oil, garlic and parmasean. However, it was very flavourful nonetheless!

-Cecilia's - owned by a former Dutch model and on the beach front- this place is what i want when I retire.. it's a perfect spot! The menu is italian and local foods combined. The drinks were great! I would recommend the pink ting (vodka and ting- yum!). We started with a plate of antipasto which came with different cheeses and meats (who would think Antigua has such gourmet cuisine), then I had the shrimp and avocado salad and my friend and I split a shrimp curry - mild flavours, sweet shrimp, perfect portion size and a homemade seafood raviolli that had shrimp, snapper and lobsters in it. This meal was outstanding, the atmosphere was perfection. Celicia even has her own 'ego wall' where there are pictures of her during her days as a model posing in Valentino ads amongst other things.

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