Toronto - here's what I will miss most...

As many of you know, I am debarking on a new adventure off to Hong Kong in a matter of a few days.  I am filled with excitement as well as anxiety for I have never lived outside of Canada for a long period of time and culturally, I consider myself CAN-asian - Canadian first.  This will be one of the biggest challenges of my life for it will be a new way of living, communicating (I only speak cantonese and that's only OK) and definitely a new world order when it comes to the food I'll be eating.

I look forward to the many new eating adventures over in the Orient but I have compiled a list of my top 15 things that I will miss from my very most from favourite dishes to cuisines, and of course eating experiences:

15.  Toronto is a multi-cultural city where you can get the most variety in just a whim - so one thing I will miss is having my finger on the pulse of the newest foodie experiences -whether they are pop ups (La Carnita Taco/Art show), secret culinary dinners (Charlies Burgers) , food trucks (Caplansky), themed nights (Death Row Meals) and out of this world experiences (Diner en Blanc)- I will miss all of you!
14.  Gourmet burgers -it's an essential comfort food and I am always happy to go out for a burger. I couldn't say what was from favourite from Woody's in Mississauga to Royal meats in Etobicoke, Bison burgers at Stampede to Burger Priest of course...
13.  Foxley's miso cod wrapped in tin foil - where I would go as far as slurping up every last bit of broth
12  Kensington Market - my favourite place to stroll or frolic on a pedestrian Sunday and find a cheap/good bite - unfortunately my favourite food stand closed down over the summer so I won't be able to enjoy my last bite there (I miss you Agave y Agacate and those Tostadas)
11. Utopia potato's Curry burrito - enough said
10. One of a Kind Pasta and it's pasta ala gigi... I know this restaurant is a bit divey but it's my go-to place with my mom and we love it... free garlic bread and my favourite pasta dish.
9.   Khao San Road's street style pad thai - BEST thai food in the city bar none
8.   Toshi's foie gras roll - OMG decadent delight with their house made soy sauce
7.   Campagnolo burrata and roasted grapes - a classic dish that I had a love affair with
6.  New York Sub - Chicken Satay sub - just the right amount of spice and definitely worth the wait
5.  Bento Box high tea at the Red Tea Box - perfect place for a catch up with a girlfriend or your mom
4.  Guacamole at Playa Cabana - made with the right amount of cilantro, blended perfectly with the    avocado, perfect way to start your meal!
3.  Mojitos on the patio at Julies - best date place in town in my opinion
2.  Monster bun - secret menu - 416 snack bar...mind is blown every time!
1. POUTINE... there's no such thing in Asia as most people grew up without having dairy so most of the population is lactose intolerant.   So this dish would not be popular amongst the masses... I am going to fondly remember all my decadent and dirty poutine experiences from day time to late night.  Squeaky cheese curds are going to be missed the most!

Fare thee well Toronto, I promise that I'll be back soon and will dream of these dishes in my sleep!


  1. There's a New York Fries at The Peak. I didn't eat there, but I *THINK* they have poutine. Will never be as good as real, non-chain/food court poutine, but it may make do.

    I know that some of my acquaintances and relatives (who have studied abroad - i.e. most of them) tell me that they miss good subs the most. There, your only choice is, well, Subway!

  2. Should also add that for me, if I had to move to Hong Kong/Asia, I'd probably miss good grilled cheese more than poutine. MMMMMM grilled cheeeeesssseeeeeeee