Ye Olde Hunters Feast II - GAME ON

I would follow anything my fellow food lover, Joel Solish (@foodie411) adoes so as soon as I had the opportunity to participate in one of his events, I jumped in with a hearty appetite.  Joel along with parter, Trish Gill (@gilltrish) started the concept of the Death Row Meal Supper Clubs and this is the second year of his Olde Hunters Feast.  It was initiated a year ago where they produced a wild boar proscuitto which was the common thread to our dining experience as it was integrated throughout the meal.  This experience featured 5 daring chefs, appropriate wine parings and their take on a 'hunters feast'.  To get us more in the mood, little plastic animals were left on the table to create conversation amongst our neighbours at the communal table we were at.  We definitely started making friends while putting our animals in suggestive poses. 
Let the games begin: 
Course one featured chef Nick Benninger from the Waterloo establishment 'Nick and Nat's Uptown 21(@NNUptown21) and his dish was called a "Hunting Trip gone Wrong'.  It featured a Slow poached duck egg, trail mix, boarsciutto, foie granola, crab apple verjus, forest edibles.
THE PAIRING: 2010 Pinot Gris,  Coyote's Run winery
Different textures playing with the ooziness of the yolk from the egg - it was a good comforting way to start off our meal, reminding me of a breakfast course. 

Our Second dish was by the lovely Trish Gill,(@gilltrish) sous chef of the Beast.  Her dish was a Confit of Acadian sturgeon belly boar prosciutto brodo, wild leeks, dumpling
THE PAIRING: 2010 Pinot Gris, Coyote's Run winery.  The rationale for this dish was to give us something light and less carnivorous to ease us into our meal.  I found the sturgeon a bit tougher and chewy so I had a tough time with it but the broth was delicious, I almost picked up my bowl to slurp it all up in one go but had to mind my manners

The next course was Stockyard's Tom Davis, (@thestockyards).  His dish's vision came from the fact that he's not a big hunter and if he were ever to go on a hunting trip, he would take basic provisions like spam and bread.  So he created a prociutto spamstrami with smoked bean puree, canadian club infused kimmel crumbs and sage.  
THE PAIRING: 2010 Baco Noir, Sandbanks Winery (@sandbankswinery)
When the dish came, it completely looked like the spam that would come out of the can which was very intriguing.  When you tasted it, it was a blend of complex and intricate flavours with the kimmel crumbs as a nice crunch.  The Sandbanks Baco Noir enhanced the flavour even more. 
Our next course was chef Steve Wilson from Aurora's The Summit Golf and Country Club.  He created a duo of French Canadian split pea soups with boar prosciutto, pheasant sausage and duck spiedini.  The dish came and was a gorgeous yin and yang of yellow and green.  Each of the soups had obvious flavour profiles and were velvety and good.   It was a beautiful presentation.
THE PAIRING: 2010 Baco Noir, Sandbanks Winery (@sandbankswinery)  We really couldn't get enough of this vino.  We loved the pairing and having it on our own.

Course five featured SupiCucu Rossy Earle (@PanCanCooks) and honestly my favourite hot sauce maker and I was thrilled to see her again.  I had asked her to bring me a jar of her home made sauce so that I can take a piece of her home with me!  She made a Gator, duck liver & boar prosciutto boudin balls with sweet corn pudding, cracklin', sofrito criollo, ramp coulis which featured her special sauce.  This was such an amazing dish, and one of the favourites of the evening!
Our sixth dish was created by chef Jason Bangerter (@chefbangerter) from Luma.  His dish consisted a ragu of beaver!!, moose and venison over semolina, sour creme and tasty bits.  Eating beaver was a first for me and it was gamey but tender and juicy.  It was a very successful blend of bold flavours mixed well with the crispy bits for a good crunch. 
THE PAIRING: 2010 Syrah, Lailey Vineyard

Finally our final dish of the evening was also done by chef Jason Bangerter (@chefbangerter), Luma creating a full circle with his dish -"Hunting Trip Gone Right" which was his take on  Midnight campfire with marshmallow, coffee & booze.  We were served with mini beaver tails in mason jars with house made marshmallows, kahlua infused cream and graham crumbs with a burnt pine leaf for a play on our senses.   We were slightly disappointed as our pine leaves were not burning when they arrived at our table so we just got a hint of the campfire aroma.   The dessert was rich and we weren't able to finish it all as we were just stuffed. 

Joel Solish (@foodie411)
Mission accomplished where our bellies were full, and appetites satisfied.  Thank you to all the chefs and our host for the great evening.  
Stay tuned to Living.Loving.Local’s Facebook page for information about upcoming dinners.

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