Khoa San Road

Khoa San Road is a popular and energetic hub to backpackers in Bangkok Thailand and has also become my new found favourite Thai food restaurant in the city. I know I”m late to the table but I'm forever changed.
Thai food has a reputation of a quick and cheap meal with pad that that is ketchup syrup based sauced mixed with rice noodles and oily red/green curries so when KSR came along, it revolutionized the way Toronto has should think and appreciate thai food bringing a purely authentic spin on traditional thai cuisine.
You know when you are getting the owners of favourite thai restaurant in the east end Sukothai in partnership with Monte, the entrepreneur, and bring their vision to the downtown club district, people will come. The florescent blue sign outside the restaurant gives the resto enough swagger to stand out amongst the clubs in the area.
Chef Nuit Regular brings her home made recipes to the table and her flavours are bold and pack an amazing type of punch that leaves an impression on you that you will just need to come back for more.
My regular order is the rice rolls as appetizers – which are stuffed with a house made chicken sausauge mixed with different textures of shredded veggies and herbs dipped in a spicy sweet taramind sauce. We love this but I plan on eating my way through the appetizers on the menu.
We always order the pad thai on the menu – there are 2 versions here: Sam Ros - which is simply amazing with a blend of what you would find in pad thai but with a house made sauce and scrambled egg and either chicken, beef or pressed tofu.
There's also the “street style” pad thai which we also adore which adds slivered raw cabbage and green onion tops to the mix. We were advised by Monte, the co-owner, that since the flavours of the pad thai is sweet to try it with medium spice. He also always brings out their home made chili sauce in case we need more heat!
The curries – we have tried the Gaeng Phed (red curry) and Gaeng Kaew Wan (green curry) which come with their hot punches as they are made with chilli peppers. We love the curries and look forward to again eating our way through the menu.
Their Khao soi is a silky coconut milk soup/stew mix with red curry and lime topped with crispy noodles. Monty advised us to use mild to medium spice to enjoy the different flavours and textures.
Everything we have tried has been flavourful and delicious. I look forward to becoming more of a regular here.
**** 1/2 stars
326 Adelaide St W
Toronto, ON M5V 1R3
Neighbourhoods: Entertainment District, Downtown Core
(647) 352-5773
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