Royal Meats... Best Burger in Town?

So as we are driving up to this place in the west end of town, I am skeptical to hear my former intern Adam tell me that this place will blow the other burger joints out of the water.  We pull up to Royal Meats and all the logo and space reminds me of a Rolce Royce dealership with the big capital "R".  I also quickly notice that there's a gym across the street so perfect to work off your guilt.

Royal Meats bills itself as fast food with a European touch which is reflective of it's food, the servers all speaking different Eastern European languages and of course you can feel it in the atmosphere; inside with the locals chatting in different Balkin dialects and outside on the patio where you can hear faint Euro beats from cars in the parking lot. 
When you walk in, your faced with a butcher's counter where you order - it's a little intimidating if you're foreign to the process.  While I'm deciding, Adam (the former intern) orders his favourite - the Royal Burger.  The meat patty is a mixture of pork and beef and is all grilled to order and I decide to try something different and order the cevapi sausage-shaped meatballs made of pork and veal and seasoned only with salt and pepper. 
When choosing your 'burger', you have a choice between the 1/2lb or full lb-  get the 1/2lb and that is more than enough, trust me!!  For those less adventurous, there is regular grill offerings as well—chicken breasts, steak, pork chops and kebabs..
Once you order, they give you a buzzer and off you go to find a seat inside or on the patio and you wait for it to vibrate, and it's a bit of a wait.  
When your burgers are ready; you can garnish with the standard tomato, lettuce, and pickle.  They also schmear this incredibly flavourful spread on it called urnebe which is made from roasted red pepper, cheese and onion.  They even made it spicy for me by throwing on the chilli flakes.  They also have a Serbian creme cheese spread called Kaymak and also top the burger with feta cheese. 
Now get yourself a bunch of napkins because not only are these burgers humungous but they are sloppy to eat and they are piled high with toppings!!  They fall apart, your garnishes fall out and sauces drip everywhere but it is truly one of the best, if not the best and most unique burger i've had!  So thank you Adam for that!
On a side note, we did order fries which were good and gourmet onion rings, honestly we couldn't finish our sides!
I can't wait to go back again!
 **** 1/2 Stars
Royal Meats
710 Kipling Ave
Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5G5
Neighbourhood: Etobicoke

(416) 251-1144

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