Crepes a GoGo

This quaint little creperie in the corners of Yorkville is a sliver of "Paris"-dise and I was so pleased to have my co-worker Bernice suggest that we stop in and now I can't wait to go back for more. Inside this french bistro - there was a quote on the wall that just resonated with me "Il faut manger pour vivre, non vivre pour manger".  It's a famous quote by Moliere which means that one should eat to live, not live to eat and this seems to be my motto - the pleasure and sensations I get from my culninary experiences give me my gusto and my joie de vivre!   Crepes a GoGo .. you've captured my heart!

This is 'Une ambiance tout ce qu'il y a de plus français en plein cœur de Toronto'- a truly unique french experience in the heart of Toronto.   The offerings at the bistro are hot and cold crepes made right before your eyes that are either savoury or sweet and all the polite servers are french.
We had already eaten our lunch so we decided on the sweet dessert crepes.
Bernice insisted I try the "Tartinade" - which is a piping hot crepe made with their home made nutuella! It came in a brown paper bag and was just delicieux!!  The nutuella was not too sweet, it was just the right flavour and I had them add bananas to the crepe ... it was really perfection!
Bernice had the 'gourmand' which is a crepe that comes rolled up with the nutuella and banana so essentially the same thing but rolled and the temperature wasn't as hot as mine.
Another highlight was our drink - their house made Limonana.  It was simply amazing and so refreshing especially on a hot summer day!  It the perfect blend of lemonade and mint and can be served hot or cold. 
The owner Veronique makes and bottles this thirst quenching beverage on the premises and now it's available in places like St. Lawerence Market and Pusateris.  I am craving some Limonana now, I can't say enough about this drink as it's so good! MMMmmm!  As the owner declares "when life throws you lemons, add some mint... and drink limonana!"
This is such a little gem! Merci Beaucoup Bernice!

Crepes a GoGo
 **** 1/2 stars
18 Yorkville Ave
Toronto, ON M4W 3Y8
Neighbourhood: Yorkville
(416) 922-6765
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  1. I love Crepes a gogo! You have to go back and try their savoury crepes, I think I like those better. My favourite is the Parisienne... delish!

  2. I found your blog through your yelp reviews, and I'm very glad I did :) I will be using it as a reference/dining guide. Looking forward to more posts.

  3. "Joie de vivres" is what gives you that junk in the trunk.