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My last day in Miami was spent as a very hung over lady.. I was in pain but was pushed to be active and out and about... Finally after a full day in agony I began to feel normal again and was satiated! Being that it was my last evening in town, I wanted to treat my host to a nice dinner too so we made our way to a fun place that he know and lucky for us - we were in the cusp of happy hour!   

I miss happy hours!  Back when I was going to university in Montreal, we had cinq a sept - great drink and dining specials.
Let me tell you the happy hour menu at RA Sushi was filled with deals on Sushi, Appetizers, Drinks, all starting at $2 and ranging up to $8. This is seriously the ultimate sushi happy hour experience.  However I wouldn't recommend their service, they didn't stop us from ordering the entire menu which is absolutely what we did!  and they even left us waiting for water. 
One other thing - my big pet peeve about sushi restos are when the rolls aren't rolled tight enough - the big and the small makis keep falling apart and fruit flies were flying around everywhere and one got into my spicy scallop hand roll. 
BUT on to the good stuff:
We ordered the kimchi cucumbers - wow! They were insanely good - pickled, spicy and crunchy with enough flavour to keep us going back for more and more.. one of the few dishes we had no problem finishing!!
The other outstanding dish was the jalepeno ponzu yellotail - it was simply delicious - and as a bonus roasted cashews to offer crunch and some texture. 
Here are some things that we went crazy ordering:

we tried their new features on the menu (non happy hour) -
-the pacific roll- were 8 huge makis featuring a spicy mix of albacore, cilantro, jalapeño, cucumber rolled  topped with fresh avocado &mango salsa; finished with red beet tempura bits  sautéed cashew nuts - the avocado made rice green - it was delicious and fruity - very fresh as well ... 
-the tropical roll - another 8 huge makis - filled with cucumber, mango, avocado rolled  topped with spinach tempura bits, spicy shrimp mixed with masago and mango salsa   
The Zonie roll - which featured spicy salmon, cucumber, cilantro & jalapeño rolled topped with avocado & get this sriracha, my favourite asian spicy sauce!!  It was packed with a mild punch!
The salmon carpaccio was a bit creamy for me but Kevin liked it! It featured 3 types of wasabi preparations - wasabi aioli, wasabi tobiko and a wasabi infused oil to give it that extra kick!

One thing that was unlike any roll i've ever seen before was their beef tataki roll - Artichoke, asparagus, roasted red pepper, avocado rolled topped with seared beef; served with a creamy wasabi sauce  drizzled with black pepper soy.  
A big miss on their end was the Ra'lipop -which featured tuna, salmon, yellowtail, spicy tuna mix, lettuce, asparagus ; cucumber wrapped in turnip, served skewered with a garlic ponzu sauce.  The concept was good so I was sold and that's why I was most disappointed.  First, the rolls were too loose and things were falling apart but also the turnip wrap was way too thick which masked the flavour of everything else!  BOO!
Happy hour here can become the the food olympics which it was clearly for us.  We did our best to clear the table but I think we only succeeded with 3 out of the 10 dishes we ordered!!!
*** stars
Ra Sushi

5829 SW 73rd St
Miami, FL 33143
(305) 341-0092

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