Bison + Poutine= Stampede

As the trend of “high-end” burger joints dominate Toronto, with various reasons why their burgers are worth paying a premium for, whether it's house made fancy toppings, or whether the cow your meal came from was pampered night and day, chowing down on tasty grass with organic substances, the guys at Stampede are offering affordable and delicious burgers focused on bison.

Bison has become more mainstream as of late because it's known as the 'leaner' burger, at a measly four grams of fat per portion, offering a huge incentive to those craving a burger but watching their waistline.
As you come into this parkdale establishment, on Brock street, next to a sketchy LCBO where you can park your car if there's no street parking available.  My partner in crime, Andrew and I head over starving and hoping to catch up over a quick dinner and we are surprised at how consistently busy it was.  At the counter, you fill out a slip to customize your burger and they are made to order. There are a variety of toppings and condiments, from a deep fried onion ring on your burger or stampede mayo and of course there are alternative options if you're not interested in just Bison.  They offer beef, chicken, club and even veggie burgers.
As for sides, this has become one of my picks for the best spots to have poutine in Toronto and I can't believe I waited so long to try this! They offer traditional poutine but also options that include things like bison meat (which is delectable), bacon and sweet potato.

Once we submit our order, we probably wait a good 10-15 minutes for our meal - but it was completely worth it!!  Our bison burgers, felt like they were a little well done and dry but when biting into it - it was definitely cooked medium rare. I am glad I picked lots of toppings for the burger to give the burger more zing but all together was a great burger experience.
As for our poutine, they use real Quebecois” cheese curds that were squeaky and there was A LOT of it!  We had the sweet potato poutine which is different from my usual order but wanted to compliment the sweetness of the bison with the sweetness of the sweet potato.  And the poutine was insanely good!!  Everything worked together so well and the portion was perfect!!
I love that this place is open late night (till 3am),as I may become a regular! 
**** Stars 
Stampede Grill 
5 Brock Ave (north of Queen in Parkdale)
(416) 534-4999
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