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tuna tataki appetizer
As the super uber chic Thompson Hotel  has opened for the glamourati to be seen, another famed restaurant import opens for business.  Wabora where the original hails from Bracebridge Ontario showcases it's sushi strength by highlighting 52 rolls on the menus all complete with glossy photos which run from a reasonable they run from $6.50 to as high as $16.95.  Korean born owner, Min Soo Kim, who seems to be a well seasoned smooth operator was a former minor league pitcher greets us with a bow and smile and floats around the restaurant ensuring guests know that he's around and not above serving tables.  I immediately spot the controversial but decadent bluefin tuna on the extensive menu causing him to be on foodies hit lists and concerned consumers hate lists.  Let me remark that if you wanted creative sushi rolls, this is the destination and Kim is definitely not afraid to use spice, crunch or cream cheese in these rolls.
choose 4 plate

If you can't figure out what to choose, I recommend you go to the back of the menu and use the 'choose 4', 'choose 6' and 'choose 8' roll options.  They narrow the selection down for you including typical rolls like the spicy tunas and salmons of the world and avocado, veggie tempura and eel to the more innovative Wabora crunch rolls, titan roll, valentine, sundae and crispy crunch rolls.

I have been twice now and have ordered these combos and feel like I'm in a sushi coma afterwards.  The rolls are big bites, creamy and spicy and I can't remember exactly which ones I preferred over others as they started to blend into each other.

white christmas roll

However this restaurant also has one of the only Robata grills in Toronto and uses bincho; the highly sought-after white charcoal from Asia which burns longer and more evenly than its black counterparts.  You can ordered grilled veggies, meats or seafood and of course we try the grilled calamari which is tender and juicy but I don't really see the difference.

The service is a bit shoddy especially on busy nights.  The two servers that I had experiences with had English as their second language and weren't too engaging.  I also had to repeatedly ask for water to be filled, a new napkin b/c they took mine that dropped on the floor away, and for the bill which was annoying.

Dessert with ginger ice cream and choco and vanilla cigars

That being said, it's a new restaurant and it's gotta work out the kinks.  Plus I do enjoy versatility in sushi selection so I will definitely go back to try more rolls!

*** stars

Wabora 416-777-9901 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              416-777-9901      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              416-777-9901      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

550 Wellington West, (Wellington and Bathurst - at the Thompson Hotel

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