GBK- the purveyors of fine poutine!

It was Carly's birthday and she lives in Leslieville... this is how we came here to Great Burger Kitchen which has a sign outside saying they are the "purveyor of fine poutines."  It is a small take out joint with a small counter to eat at in front of the window but not somewhere you would stay put for awhile! 
iGBK is owned by Ted & Mary Koutsogiannopoulos and Jim Grontis formerly of Jamie Kennedy's wine bar and it started with a conversation of “if you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one meal, every day, for the rest of your life, what would it be?"  The answer for each of them was unanimous and Great Burger Kitchen was born.  On the menu, there are 13 burgers to choose from boasting that all beef burgers are 100% Ontario beef and alternative  burgers including chicken, lamb, portobello mushroom and veggie.  They are affordable and the toppings are fresh and buns organic.
Most of us ordered the 'classic burger' at a price of $5.95 which came with the standard trimmings including lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, ketchup and mustard.  Of course, I, wanting a bit more punch, go for the 'voodoo burger' which at a dollar more ($6.95) has guacamole, salsa and optional pickled jalapenos into the messy mix.  Unfortunately the buns were soggy with burger juice and sauces and the burgers are not outstanding; they are just standard fare.  The voodoo failed to cast a spell on me as I didn't feel any heat.  
But come here for the french fries as a side and you get a huge plate of them for an extra $3.95 or as part of the combo.  They are well seasoned and there are tons of them so make sure you are sharing them!
There are seven types of poutine including a poutine du jour! All the regular bases are covered with a few compelling additions like the GBK poutine which has a bbq pulled pork and goat cheese topping ($7.25), Ontario - bacon, cheddar, onion and gravy ($6.95) and Greek poutine -feta, tomato, lemon oregano dressing, ($5.95).  I opted for a 'Montreal poutine' which was the traditional cheese curds and gravy poutine.  It was huge and amazing for the value.  I was happy that my cheese curds were chunky, the gravy wasn't too dark and too salty and the french fries still held their crunch!  I am definitely going back for more poutine.
*** stars
Great Burger Kitchen
1056 Gerrard St E (At Jones street)
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