Hoof Cafe

The Hoof cafe in the old Chelsea room space is still a hot spot as proven tonight on a lazy Monday eve - when it's still bustling in the cozy restaurant.  We have to wait 20 minutes to get served which is fine as we are intrigued by the extensive cocktail list and the fact that mutual acquaintances are here dining.

Famed for their 'meaty' brunch with notable things like bone marrow churros and beef tongue grill cheeses, they only serve "snacks" and not a full dinner in the evening.  A short blackboard menu offers unapologetically fatty small dishes for sharing; one or two make a snack, four make a meal. Service is well-informed and playful.   For those who haven't tried the tongue grilled cheese, it's a must do at least once in your life indulgence.  The meat is very thinly sliced in abundance between two thick egg bread slices and it's SOO amazing that I will be dreaming about the next time I go and have this dish.  The 'churros' are piping hot as they get served to you and they are like pillow puffs with sugar coating.  The portions is very tiny but completely worth having for the novelty of it!

On Sunday and Mondays, they have a special of fried chicken- battered with crispy goodness, served piping hot with heavenly buttermilk bisquits, franks hot sauce (or something that tastes just like it) and mushroom gravy which is good enough to drink!  My dining companion went to the bathroom and unconsciously I ate the last 2 pieces of chicken - licking my fingers and lips as I finished the bites!

We also had the serano ham as an appetizer and the white tuna tartare- all of which were trumped when the fried chicken came to the table.  My friend exclaimed in anger that when my metabolism catches up with me that I'll be a fat lady... but listen, I'll be the happiest lady as I have been eating to my heart's content.

I need to go back at my sis suggestion and try their Malteaser dessert on the menu- salted chocolate chunks soaking in caramel, ice cream and malteasers.. you can't go wrong with that... except to eat way too much!
**** stars
The Hoof Cafe
923 Dundas St. W. ( between Bellwoods and Grace)
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