El Rincon

After another ultimate frisbee game, the pylons forgo a typical night of beer and wings or ice cream to try something different and head to a cozy Mexican spot in the St. Clair west village.  This is a family establishment owned by the Morgado family which has been serving the St. Clair neighborhood for a long time.  This is quite a gem as there is an amazing back patio and when we got there, a Spanish guitarist was performing some sultry latino music for the crowd.
We quickly order some nachos (Nachos Norteno) and guacamole for the table and of course some victory drinks - coronas and for me - the sangria - which was very refreshing and good however for the 1/2 litre slightly over $20!
The nachos come on a sizzling platter, with a mix of melted mozzarella, refried beans, diced onion, tomato, cilantro and a side order of some spicy salsa.  The guacamole was very good but it was deceiving as the bowl looked bigger than the actual portion and we each got a few bites before it was all gone.  In retrospect, for the 6 of us - we should've ordered another bowl of guacs.
There were many authentic mexican options on the menu but most of us wanted things that we had eaten before versus trying a new dish after a grueling match. 
Brockestar and I decide to share the plate of 10 tacos with chorizo, pastor (marinated pork) and chicken.  They are small but they hit the spot with their punchiness - the chorizo was the spiciest of them all while the pork was tender and my favourite of the bunch and yes, we ate 5 each!  The fajitas were also recommended.  It was a very cute spot!  I would definitely come back and try many more items on the menu. 
*** stars

653 St.Clair Ave.W (at Christie)
(647) 977-6220

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