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One of my favourite places to get ice cream with a lot of character is award winning family business- Dutch Dreams!  The entire experience is thrill ride.  Located at St. Clair and Vaughn road, you can't miss the colourful, kitchy house on the corner with neon coloured milk jugs, life size ice cream cones and lots of knick knacks.  In my opinion, the only thing the house is missing is a giant windmill.

As you near the house, you can smell the aromas of freshly pressed waffle cones through the air and you get a peak through the doorway of the massive ice cream cone selections from Oreo, Skor, M&M, chocolates and peanuts, sprinkles and marshmallow caramel. Your mind starts to wonder what flavours to pick as there are so many to choose from and you usually have a bit of time to contemplate this as there's always a line up especially on a hot and sticky summery day.

There's so many options to pick and they are home made!  From their frozen yogurt selections of lychee, avocado, marshmallow, grape (which I've been very curious about) and coconut to classics like Mint Chocolate chip, Cherry Cheesecake and Moose Droppings (reeces peeses and chocolate).
They always add extra fruit with  fresh blueberries, pineapple and whip cream on top of your ice cream so if you aren't in a fruity mood- remember to decline!

The pylons (my ultimate frisbee team) came here on a hot summer night after an epic game where we came back and won the game so we decided to cool ourselves off and celebrate our victory with some delicious ice cream!  While we waited a while to get our ice cream, and there was some debate on the consistency of pricing on the cones, we were all smiles when we all finally got our ice cream!!

A good tip is to come any time before late afternoon or else be prepared to wait... but so worth it!
*** 1/2 stars
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 78 Vaughan Rd (at St. Clair)

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  1. I went there for the first time the other night, and you're right, it is awesome!