My papa's new project!

So my dad loves telling the story that I was very unsupportive of his decision of opening up his latest project and when I walked into the finished restaurant - I definitely ate my words.  He did it against the many odds including his health, financial constraints and admittedly the lack of support from his only child, ME.

I am truly proud of it and although it had some opening day set backs and execution challenges, they continuing to iron things out the key issues.   Chef Andy (formerly of Noce in Toronto) has been perfecting the menu and joining us on the team is Terry (head of house from Splendido) for all the logistics and to make service impeccable. It's definitely ready to show off to my friends, family and to you all!

Location - so it's up in Stouffville. Where is that you ask?  Well, it's north of Markham, off the 404 hwy and about a half hour drive from downtown Toronto!
As you walk into the restaurant - you will see a giant meat locker where you can actually see all the fresh cuts of meats on display.  The decor is very intimate with orange and brown hues.  There's a faux fire place to make you feel more at home and a lounge with a huge bar for folks to enjoy drinks and an artsy projection slide show.  And for the hot days - there's a huge patio on the side of the restaurant. My stepmom Sue has taken care to select art that speaks to her favourite things - namely dance.  You should feel relaxed and comfortable when you walk in!

The restaurant is called NYS Steak Co. And when you first see this- what do you think of?  Well most people seem to associate "NYS" to New York Strip/Steak ... well my dad's brainchild of NYS" stands for "Not Your standard" as my dad chuckles to himself.  This is because while there are gorgeous aged marbled cuts of steak available at the restaurant, there is also lobster and home made pastas so there should be something for everyone.

Anyway I have been up now several times and have tried the menu and items off the menu and everything is delicious!
Stand outs for me are:
-the beet salad with the goat cheese-I just love beets and they are soo good for you
-their creamy lobster bisque, I even have asked to have the soup as sauce on my pasta.
-Their home made lasagne is so delicious- cheesy and good.
-The steak - I've had the rib eye, sirloin, rib steak, new your strip and the 34 oz. 'cowboy' which is humongous- all these cuts are seasoned well and cooked to the way I like it which is rare!
-Whole lobster- they are fresh and done to your liking
- The gnocchi- they are so light!  They are like marshmallows in your mouth.  Chef Andy is famous for his technique and it's definitely one of the very best I've had.
-Scalloped potato- you don't really see this as an option on many menus - they take a lot of time to perfect it here!
Desserts that are memorable - their olive oil cake - light and flavourful, the home made tiramisu and the BISCOTTI... I don't even like biscotti and the chef's version of mango, hazelnut and almond biscotti are most and sweet unlike the dry biscottis that I'm used to.

Treats that i've had there:
-Salmon tartare was very good with the avocado cream sauce- this was very fresh and went very well with the chives on the plate
-Duck was perfectly done with a raspberry sauce - delicious and quite the treat!
-Venison was so good - done medium rare (or even on the rarer side)- it was soo juicy .. I absolutely loved this - it wasn't gamey at all and a huge success
- home made ravioli stuffed with duck or lobster- it was so yummy.  Quite a highlight!
- braised short ribs for 12 hours - these were very juicy and sweet and delicious
and of course, the chef made me his version of poutine - while they weren't cheese curds on top - the jus he used as gravy was amazing and it was a true indulgent for me!

My friends and I have had a good time here and think it's about time for you guys to find out about it!
Check it out and tell me what you think!

BUT if you check it out, make sure you say hello to my papa .. he loves to see my friends and meet new ones!!

He also may throw in a discount or a new dish he's trying on the menu!  If you call ahead, and say the "Vong Choice" referred you- he'll honor a 15% discount!

NYS Steak Co
3892 Main Street, Stouffville
(905) 640-0937
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  1. haha i did NOT know about the 15% discount but I agree with your review...it's delicious. i highly recommend the whole lobster (the steaks are obvious :P)

  2. what is the rating? does it get one of your rare five star seals of approval? :)