Ravi Soups for a little bowl of comfort

Spring showers are a perfect time to seek a little warm refuge. My co-workers and I went to find some wholesome goodness to warm us up on this wet day.
We found what we were in the mood for; Ravi soups which is the second location for this downtown staple.  This location is next to the Drake Hotel on Queen Street near Lisgar while it's premiere location is on Adalaide near Spadina.

Soup Master and owner/Chef Ravi Kanagarajah formerly from Mildred Pearce, crafts his concoctions in an open kitchen and sees his soups as a way of bringing people closer together.   He brings his influences from the Far East into his dishes and it feels as though he puts his heart in each of the soups he puts out.    
The menu contained an exotic soup selection ranging from the Chicken Hot Pot with soothing coconut milk, Crab Corn Chower that's velvety but lactose free, the punchy and musky flavour of the Apricot Curry soup and a Vegan Porcini Mushroom Soup with basmati rice and a splash of my very favourite thing - truffle oil.  The soups come with a homemade savoury cheese biscuit served with a red pepper jelly.  The grilled wraps which are a huge portions feature meats that have been marinated overnight in Ravi's secret blend of spices, slowly cooked for six hours until the morsels are juicy and melt- in- your mouth tender such as free range chicken, curried lamb, pork shoulder and flank steak and of course there was also a grilled vegetarian option. 
The only thing is, when there's a lot of people around, it take a bit of time from ordering to the final product so not a great place when in a rush but it is certainly worth the wait! For a reasonable price ($10.99) you can do the soup and sandwich combo served on a wooden pizza stone where your soup is piping hot and the grilled wrap is satisfying and hearty.  The perfect pair to warm your soul!
In our wraps, there were interesting ingredients like edamame, spinach in tamarind sauce, chunks of sweet potatoes and pineapple.
This is truly a good find for one of those days you are seeking comfort!
***1/2 stars
Ravi Soups 
322 Adelaide Street West (East of Spadina)

1138 Queen Street West, (at Lisgar)


Same day delivery honored before 10am
Mon-Fri: 8:00am-6:00pm

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