Gingerbread houses galore!

There are days when I love my workplace and today was one of them!  I was selected as one of the 'esteemed' judges for our annual workplace Gingerbread House competition where people have the opportunity to bid on the houses and all proceeds goto the United Way. There are so many talented and creative people who work at our company and this year the bar was set very high as the competition was fierce!

The criteria went as follows - edibility, the 'drool' factor, originality, overall theme of the house, corporate pride, creative construction, landscaping, and ease of transfer and it was a very tough decision as all the houses were amazing!!

The winning house was made by our communications team that went as far as to make a 'sales sheet' on the qualities of the house especially the nuances that you may miss in a quick glance.   Things such as they represented all our company logos and printed them out on edible sugar.  They also represented a number of our cartoons having Babar the elephant and his family on the porch and having our very own Scaredy Squirrel hidden in a tree was a delicate touch.  Also the fact that they had cotton candy smoke from the chimney and ice cram cone trees and rock candy snow banks.  They also appealed to the judges sweet tooth by filling their house up like a pinata with heresy kisses and truffles!!

The second place house was a W network themed house all complete with a movie theatre and parking lot!  It was spectacular made with fondant and even flood lights!  This definitely was a good way for them to promote this new station!

The third place was a Sponge Bob's carefully crafted Pineapple House filled with rice crispies.  Sponge bob was created out of a block of Havarti cheese! 

Honorable mentions -

the Darth Vaders house - made of after 8s, and black licorice and jello - they even buttered up the judges with cupcakes!  I actually ended up bidding and winning this house to take home and enjoy!

The Dexter house which was where he would commit his killings and it was a gory mess of goodness and optically amazing!  Lots of good points.

There was the sycophant factor where a group made up a gingerbread house themed around our new building we are moving to - Corus Quay.  It's right on the waterfront and that was represented as well as our 2 head honchos were on the top of the building and it was made entirely of jellybellies!
There was also the Cosmo TV house - pretty in pink and represented all the hosts and bachelors from the network!

And of course the other W Network team that featured Anna and Christina from the shopping bags on a big screen TV.  

A huge kudos goes to Martin Hsu for organizing this annual tradition and raising money for a great cause!  I look forward to the steep competition for next year!

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