Grilled Cheese goodness!

OK so you all know I'm passionate about poutine but grilled cheese sandwiches are high on my list of comfort foods and I was excited when my big sis suggested we try out the The Grilled Cheese restaurant that opened in Kensington Market!

Taking over the space that cute Belgium Waffle place Goed Eton used to be on, this cozy spot is an ideal place to come when it's a bit chilly as it resembles a sugar shack with it's chalet like decor.

The restaurant's slogan is “Just like you, the sandwich grew up.” so it's not just kraft singles and white wonder bread that's been fried with butter that we've grown up with instead the restaurant has 10 different sandwiches to choose from ranging from $6 -$10 for the more complicated sandwiches - Sis and I take our time contemplating which tastes we want as we were definitely hungry! We were sad to hear that they were sold out of their home-made tomato soup as that would be a great compliment to our sandwiches but that's just an excuse to go back next time to try it with another one of their sammies!

We decided on 3 different options - for the sake of the blog!!! We tried 'the Classic' ($6) which consisted of Monterrey Jack and tomato; The popular "Dill-licious"- which had dill Havarti, sundried tomatoes, onions and basil pesto and the "Grilled Motzy" which had boccochini, basil pesto, sundried tomatoes, mixed greens and vinagrette on the suggestion of the restaurant. They were all grilled with a panini press and came with a serving of tostitos and a pickle. The sandwiches were all good - I liked the 'Dill-licious' the most as I thought the flavours and textures were the best here but all these sandwiches were comforting but maybe a bit bland. I found myself reaching across the table to splash some hot sauce in each of them for more punch.
The one sandwich that I missed out trying and need to come back for is their "Mushroom Madness" ($6) which has grilled portabellos and roasted garlic to go with the cheese, and I think would be an interesting combo to try.

The resto is open until 1am and is a simple option for a meal or late night snack. I think this concept is definitely here to stay.

*** stars
The Grilled Cheese,66 1/2 Nassau Street, Kensington Market
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  1. Mmm - this looks good. I love a grilled cheese but these really raise the bar. Will be trying this soon.