Cupcake high!

The one place that I attempt to stop at for a sugar craving is Magnolia bakery. And this Village bakery is always busy no matter what time of day it is- consider yourself lucky that there is only a line up in the store and not around the corner.
Magnolia has been a buzz word that is synonymous to cupcakes and has even made appearances in tv shows and movies. The one that stands out in my mind is between Carrie and Miranda from Sex and the City, eating their delectable cupcakes.
There aren't too many varieties- there's the vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with butter creme icing and of course their legendary and my very favourite red velvet cupcake with their light whipped vanilla icing!
Happy Cupcaking!
Magnolia Bakery- 401 Bleecker Street, at West 11th

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  1. I was in New York this weekend and passed by a new Magnolia location near Rockeffeler Center. With the one on the upper west side, that's now 3 locations to enjoy magnolia cupcakes, YUM!

  2. Hi...
    I live just 5 miles by Rockfeller centre. I often visit Magnolia. I just can't resist the cupcakes.