Corn on the Cob cubano style

I was in the big apple last week and brunch is a huge meal in the city! There are crowds and line ups everywhere we ventured. We attempted to go to a fancier Soho joint but we're told by the ice queens at the hostess desk that it would be 45mins to an hour wait - maybe ... So my group was like forgettaboutit!

We then wandered to the Nolita area (North of Little Italy) and found this Cuban inspired diner that was bustling with energy- Cafe Habana- but didn't seem to have a huge wait. It looked cramped full of people and filled tables but everybody seemed to have a smile on their face and having a good time. And the servers, wow! They were absolutely stunning and feisty latinas who got down to business - how many? are you complete? (In New York - they won't seat you until your entire group is with you) and gave us a curt smile and said no problemo.. uno momento... which turned into a 15 minute wait but I enjoyed their sassiness!
Anyway we got a table near the front at the window - while this is great for people watching - the location made it so that anybody entering and exiting the restaurant would bump into us but who's complaining.
I'm mainly here to talk about their CORN -it's a must have and wow it is amazing... it's a smoked corn on the cob with lime and chilli powder and slathered with butter and cheese... all the ingredients for pure goodness! 2 cobs come in the order and it's a great value of $3.75!
Aside from the corn - we all order a breakfast from Huevos rancheros, to an omlette with plantains (which was what i ordered- sweet plantains were delicious) - the pototoes that accompanied the meal were made with a light spice which was great too! And their mojitos are wonderful and it's never too early to have one - I think we just broke 12noon when I ordered mine!
Fun Fact- This diner is sooo hot that Lenny Kravitz shot his "Again" music video there!

*** 1/2 stars
17 Prince Street at Elizabeth Street and Mott Street,
New York
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