Cava - spanish delight

One of my very favourite drinks in this world are Cava- spanish bubbly and this Yonge and St. Clair neighborhood restaurant has an extensive list of them.
I had the opportunity to sample their Pinot Noir cava (a rose blend of champagne and pinot) which was a great way to start my evening to trying their Cava cocktail which is their signature which I didn't love because I wasn't expecting the flavour to be and then trying their Cava mojito- which had the mojito flavours i love with some bubbly in it which is the best of both worlds.
This spanish restaurant also specializes on tapas but tapas that are done very well and my group tried several of them!
We needed to get the papas fritas which are french fries served in a cone with an aioli - they were yummy french friends - crispy and perfectly salty with the spicy and smoky aioli to compliment them. We then had the chachuterie board which came with spanish chorizo, prosciutto, duck terrine and cured salami - the 3 of us enjoyed the terrine the most with it's flavour and texture.
We ordered several pinchos (Spanish for spike) as well - A pincho is the name of certain snacks that is served typically with a toothpick hence the name and eaten in bars, traditional in northern Spain. We tried pinchos with poached foie gras and plum chutney - this was bar none my favourite dish of the night. The savouriness of the foie gras mixed with the sweetness of the plum chutney was delectable and mouth watering and I wished I ordered another!
We also tried pinchos with spicy padron peppers, manchego (Spanish sheep's milk cheese) and white bean puree - they were also little bite size delights with a nice kick to them!
For medium size tapas - we had their skirt steak with a white puree and chimichurri sauce- the steak was tender and juicy while it's acoutremonts were yummy! We also had tamales - i would say this was the weakest of all the dishes as it was bland however at this point - it was nice to get some carbs into our system.
For dessert we had their amazing churros con chocolate - and they were heavenly even for a gal who doesn't prefer chocolate. The churros were flavourful sugary doughy delights and the chocolate was so good!
We thought about going next door to Xococava (pronounced "sho-co-ca-va") which is run by Cava's own pastery chef's and named after the named for the Catalan word for chocolate however we were unbuttoning pants and popping out of our outfits. I will go back to try their famous "five collection" truffles which flavours range from Spanish, Savory, Wild, Exotic and Classic.
Buen apetito y salud!

Cava- 1560 YONGE STREET - ( Yonge and St. Clair)
**** star

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