Vroom vroom - Cadillac Lounge

There are many gems in Parkdale and one of them is the Cadillac Lounge. You can't miss it when you are on Queen Street just passed Dufferin - there's half a pink Cadillac protruding out the store front.

Here are some reasons why we adore this place-

1. The Patio in the back - Cadillac has one of the biggest patios in Queen West - with over 4000 sq feet of patio that has an open air stage for live entertainment, tvs, and even an outdoor pool table. Even if you can't people watch, there's plenty of fun to be had on this patio!
2. The value- everything on the menu is reasonable. They even sell buckets of beer at a great price!
3. The not a dive but not pretentious ambiance- it's the rocker country and cool vibe. Always a good place to gather for drinks and to watch some live music.
4. The food- My cowkrs and I decided to come here on a lunch hour and were very pleasantly surprised that the quality of food was great! Everybody really enjoyed their meal and one of my coworkers- Sophia exclaimed that her wrap was the best she's ever had... (which, especially for someone like me, is a very strong statement) - It may not be the best in my eyes but it's definitely worth coming out to sample some of their different meals.
We all tried different things ranging from the grilled cheese sandwich with bacon (which was my choice) to the club sandwich, veggie burger, cajun chicken wrap to the Cadillac burger. The one mishap was that they forgot Stephanie's meal - her club sandwich - our server claimed there were out of fries (which as a previous server and Sophia would agree too- was a common excuse that you would give if you forgot to put the order in). She finally got her meal and it was piled high with french fries! Most of us finished our entire me and were very satisfied.
5. The one other thing was that they let us bring in a home made carrot cake for our dessert-We were celebrating both Diana's and Heather's birthday and we wanted to have a cake made by one of my fellow co-wrks, Marjanne. Not only did the Cadillac lounge iced it for us (Marjanne made the icing out of Marscapone Cheese, Cream Cheese, and lime rind) but they cut it up and served it at no additional charge! (sometimes there are plating fees) It was phenomenal!
Bonne Fete to D-Pitty and Heather Adorable!
The Cadillac Lounge 1296 Queen Street West ( Queen and Dufferin)
*** stars
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