To some a Negroni is a pre-dinner cocktail, an aperitif if you will however in Toronto, this is one of the newest panini spots to hit the College street strip. The owners are the same owners as Sidecar on College and know a thing or two about high quality meals. The deco of the resto is clean and rustic which gives it a very fresh but intimate atmosphere. I noticed that our seats or shall i call them pews had details of star of David at each of the ends.

Negroni's menu features a small list of bar eats like olives, cheeses and charcuterie and a list of paninis and salads. That's it, that's their M.O. to focus on making the best grilled panini sandwiches in the city. We selected the decadent 3 cheese panini and one that has roasted tomatoes, basil, buffalo mozzarella and prociutto in it. They came with a helping of argula salad which saved parmisean on top. . The 3 cheese one is sooo good that my colleague, Marjanne exlaimed out loud that 'it's like she's back in Italy'. I loved my panini as well- the tastes and textures are in perfect harmony. Definitely a place I would come back for a reasonably priced quality panini lunch.
Negroni- 492 College Street, College and Palmerston
*** stars
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  1. Really enjoy this cocktail..Perhaps one of the easiest cocktails to make, but definitely one of the tastiest

    My Recipe:
    1 PART Beefeater Gin

    1 PART Campari

    1 PART Italian Sweet Vermouth

    METHOD Build ingredients, over ice, in a rocks glass and stir. Garnish with an orange wedge.

    Awesome Video Tutorial on the cocktail: http://www.beefeatergin.com/mixology/video.php?video=Negroni