Psychic Breakfast anyone? Big Mama's boy

As we walk into Big Mama's boy in Cabbagetown, we are asked if we would like to participate in psychic breakfast for $40. It included a palm reading, door prizing and breakfast- i thought wow! what a great idea but for another day as we weren't in the mood on a lazy Sunday after a late night to join in the fun.
Big Mama's boy is situated in a old Victorian brick house off of Parliament and it's a very cute place in the neighborhood. We chose this place as they have all kinds of organic, local and gluten free options on the menu- which is fantastic for my dear friend Jen who has a gluten allergy and she can now indulge in things like that she has been missing!

For our brunch- Jen was excited about having the rice flour pancakes while I had the goats milk yogurt and home made granola and Stacey had bacon and scrambled eggs. You also had the option of substituting your toast for gluten free almond toast or gluten free english muffin for $2.50. Also you could order a 'morning glory' for $2- champagne and OJ for only $2- what a steal!!
For lunch and dinner- there is a heavy influence on italian cooking and pizzas but I have yet to try them so more blogging about it in the near future.
I have to say - although there was a lot of variety on the menu- our server seemed quite absent minded and frazzled. She forgot some of our sides and coffees plus when the bill came - it seemed that it was missing a few items and we were charged for random 'open items' ... I have been told by friends who have been there that the service was off but usually it's really great! I guess I'll have to take their word for it.

Big Mamas Boy- 554 Parliament st, Parliament and Wellesley
*** stars (out of 5)

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