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The Epicure Cafe has been a Queen street staple for many years- even before Queen West became the hipster place to be and is a good place to come and be comfortable and cozy in. It was a really good choice to bring a first date as it seems as though there's something for everyone on the menu. The menu is an eclectic variety of food with a focus on Italian. Many are hearty dishes with Osso bucco, pastas, pizzas and veal. We settled in for a nice big appetizer of eggplant rollatini- which was 2 portions of breaded eggplanted rolled in riccota, spinach topped with marinara sauce. I tasted some peppers in there - but they were mixed into the sauce I believe and I didn't mind them as much as I usually do (for those who don't know me well- I really dislike peppers). For our main- we had the duck confit which was served with basmatic rice, carrots, squash and bacon carmalized in onions. I felt like the duck was a bit too salty but I was really immersed in conversation and for once - didn't concentrate too hard on the flavourts and taste- you can thank Erik, my eating companion for this!

Overall- would be a place I would frequent if i was looking for a place to chill out and have some good food!

The Epicure Cafe 502 Queen West, Queen East of Spadina
*** (out of 5 stars)

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