Distillery Dining!

So here's the thing-i adore the distillery district because of the history; the cobblestone streets and the old buildings that have been retrofitted to become trendy boutiques, galleries and restaurants and I love coming in the summer for the street festivals and to sit on the patio.
What i don't like about the Distillery is - the attitude - the glance over when you walk into restaurants when they aren't busy and the wait for a table; the service - no eye contact, waiting until you're completely parched to fill up your water glass, and the 15 mins after your dessert is served to bring you your bill!

Well this was the case at Pure Spirits- the Oyster bar in the Distillery- it was a gorgeous day to be dining in the picturesque Distillery District but after almost a 3 hour lunch and a very expensive for nothing much experience- i was left with a sour taste!
It's funny - all we had were appetizers and a glass of wine each and it was a costly meal.
The highlights: definitely the scallop appetizer.. it comes with a side of pork belly and white bean puree. Our oysters were so so - we had a mix of east and west coast. The frilly ones were sweeter and the meatier ones were tender. We shared the calamari as well - they resembled small perfectly cooked onion rings and they were exactly how calamari tasted...

I had the salmon, shrimp and mussel tartine- it was okay ... 2 tartine squares on a salad.

Anyway I've had many positive experiences in the area too.. but all my blogs can't be pure sugar!
Pure Spirits Oyster Bar, 55 Mill Street, Distillery District
** stars (out of 5)
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