Style and Grace!

So I have been meaning to try this place and I had the opportunity to join my friends for dinner one evening. Unfortunately this was after I had eaten a huge meal so I will give you my food review from their eyes but will give you the impression of the space from mine.
Grace is located in the former space which housed the urban hipster place Xacutti. I remember walking in behind the heavy curtain at the door and being greeted with a gorgeous space with creamy white banquettes and dark wood. The space is more open from before as they have knocked out the wall between the dining room and the courtyard. It is very stylish and buzzing with activity. I found out that the owner, Leslie Gibson put herself in this restaurant by naming the restaurant after her own Grandmother and placing family photographs on the walls.

When we got there, my friends had already opened a bottle of white and red and the bottles were just flowing thoughout the evening as Grace had a full selection of deliciously smooth vinos which is always great!

My friends started off with the frisee salad - not so interesting to report and the apple terrine.
The apple terrine was served with blue cheese and wal-nuts. The sweetness of the apples played very well to the strongness of the blue cheese and it was a delicious dish.
Highlights for main dishes include:

-the homemade gnocchi gets treated with porcini and oyster mushrooms- they were big pillows of velvety smoothness.
-Pan Seared Scallops with accents of lentils and roasted tomato. My girlfriend Stacey who dislikes seafood tried a bite of the scallops and really liked the flavour as it was creamy and didn't taste like fish which is a good thing for her.
Even though we were full from our previous dinner, we were persuaded to try some desserts as
Grace has an amazing variety of desserts such as homemade cookies to the highly recommended lemon tart which is a favourite dessert of mine. We opted to share this delectable chocolate brownie which came with 2 scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate sauce... oh it was AMAZING! Please note that I don't even really like chocolate and I ended up finishing the dessert off!

All in all it was quite an enjoyable evening out on College!

Grace- 503 College Street, Toronto, ON
near Palmerston
*** stars (out of 5)

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