A few little tips- Tea time, grill cheeses and Indian food

Over the last week I just wanted to share a couple of great experiences:

The Tea Emporium- this is a great sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You walk in to this open bright space filled from top to bottom with aromatic teas and tea accessories and get yourself a nice soothing pot of goodness. I came here on Sunday afternoon with a couple of girlfriends and it was really nice way to spend a part of the day chilling out and relaxing. I recommend the Moraccan Green Tea mint tea - my friend had it and the scent was so refreshing.

Tea Emporium- 351 Eglinton Avenue West
Avenue and Eglinton

Shanghai Cowgirl- when I'm out late on the Queen West strip, I always resort back to my favourite late night place called Shanghai Cowgirl for some good eats. My regular order is a grilled cheese sandwich with harvarti and jalepeno with sweet potatoe french fries and wasabi mayo... This sandwich is a triple decker grilled cheese and it's so savoury and perfect for that blotter in your stomach. They have a multiple selection of grilled cheeses and yummy dishes like trailer trash sushi. Their poutine is less than desirable so don't get tempted to order this unless you really have a craving and you're not heading to the poutiniere!

Shanghai Cowgirl - 538 Queen St. W
Queen and Bathurst

Bombay Bhel- I know this is a chain but I was recently taken to the one up north on HWY 7 (i know - it's the boondocks) but seriously - this restaurant knows what it's doing. We had these delicious appetizer calld Pani Puri that consists of fried shells that you break so it would serve as a little bowl and filled them up with chickpeas and potatoes and tamarine sauce- they were so delicious as I've never had them before. They became an instant favourite of mine. Next we ordered butter chicken curry, beef vindaloo and palak paneer- these are classics and I tend to always order them when I have Indian. The butter chicken was tender, smooth and flavourful - it was really the right amount of creaminess and spice. The beef vindaloo had kick but wasn't too crazy to the point you don't enjoy the meal anymore and left my mouth tingling nicely. The palak paneer is creamed spinach cooked with home made Indian cottage cheese- i love this dish. This also had a bit of kick but was a good balance between the mild butter chicken and the spicy vindaloo. Also the mango lassi was to die for- very velvety and creamy! mmm!

Bombay Bhel- 230 Commerce Valley Drive East, Markham.

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  1. 1. I will definitely be trying Shanghai Cowgirl - my love of Old Skool diners is pleased.

    2. Bombay Bhel is good. There is one at Eglinton & Yonge area so you don't have to travel so far...but if you're looking for the best - hit up The Host. The main one is in Hwy 7 area but there is a smaller on the side street behind St. George station.